For many years, Twin Rivers Habitat for Humanity Habitat for Humanity has received offers from local homeowners who are either remodeling or demolishing existing structures. In the past, we accepted only those donations (cabinets, light fixtures and building materials) that could be used in our new home construction activities. Even today, most Habitat homes have benefited from the installation of quality kitchen and bathroom cabinets salvaged from other properties.

With the opening of the ReStore in 2008, we expanded our horizons to include not only cabinets and light fixtures, but also windows, doors, flooring, appliances, furniture and the full range of building materials. We usually “cherry pick” taking only those items that have resale value or can be used in our construction projects. However, we have also been involved in more substantial deconstruction projects where our volunteers completely demolished homes. The in-kind donations obtained through these deconstructions provide the donors with tax deductions, and contribute in a very real way to Twin Rivers Habitat for Humanity’s construction and ReStore plans. Good quality items are used in our homes, thereby significantly reducing our construction costs. Donations which cannot be used in building are sold in the ReStore and represent a significant source of income for that operation.

Those interested in donating good quality new or used items (rather than taking them to the landfill) should contact Twin Rivers Habitat for Humanity ReStore at (515)576-4316

Volunteers are always needed for deconstruction projects. Sometimes it can be a lot of fun to take things apart rather than put them together! If you are interested in the volunteer opportunity, visit our Volunteer link.