Request A Speaker

Reaching out to new audiences

Our mission is to ensure that all people have access to a safe, decent place in which to live. In order to reach that goal we must engage many more people in our work.

Volunteering on a Habitat construction site has proven to be a mighty motivator, but not everyone is capable of supporting our mission through construction. We must also take every opportunity to reach others through presentations and events.

Telling Habitat’s story to:

Audiences of 100 or less No one knows our story better than those who serve our mission. Our local affiliates are wonderful resources when seeking information or a speaker for a special event. Affiliates will often be happy to provide a staff person or volunteer who can effectively tell the story of our work in the local area. Find your local Habitat for Humanity affiliate.

Audiences greater than 100 When the expected audience for an event is larger than 100 people, it may be appropriate to request a speaker from our Speakers Bureau. For help in assessing whether or not you should contact the Speakers Bureau, read the Speakers Bureau FAQsand direct any follow-up questions to speakersbureau [at] habitat [dot] org.

Requesting a speaker from the Habitat for Humanity International Speakers Bureau
If you decide that requesting a speaker from the Speakers Bureau is the appropriate course of action:

  • Read the Speakers Bureau member bios carefully.
  • Once your request is received, the Speakers Bureau coordinator will work with you to meet your needs as fully as possible.

About our speakers 
Speakers Bureau members have been selected from our professional staff, Board of Directors, State Support Organizations and volunteers. However, there are many experts on staff at Habitat for Humanity International. Those whose bios are available on our website are only a portion of the number of staff people who can motivate and inspire your audience.

Speakers Bureau members can address many topics including:

  • History of Habitat for Humanity.
  • Habitat’s work around the world
  • Finance and microfinance
  • Disaster response
  • Habitat in the 21st century
  • Economic impact of Habitat housing
  • Servant leadership