Tuesday: 10am-4pm
Wednesday: 2pm-5pm
Thursday-Saturday: 10am-4pm

Donation guidelines are strict. Appliances must be complete and in 100% working order. Other items must be in good shape, and in useable sizes. For example, pipe must be at least 5′ in length. Plywood and sheetrock must be at least 1/2 sheets; lumber in full lengths, carpet unstained — and no shag carpet. For details on the guidelines, see below.

Your contributions are welcome…and needed. Every donation helps toward providing adequate housing to those in need.

Completely volunteer staffed, the ReStore is at 118 N. 12 Street, Fort Dodge. To make a donation, drop it by the store, or call the ReStore at (515) 576-4316 to arrange for pickup.


We accept dishwashers, clean and in 100% working order. All other appliances, must be clean and in 100% working order with no missing parts. We will test them when they are brought in and if they do not work, will not accept them. Please include owners manuals if you have them, as they add value to your donation.


We will take cabinets in complete units. They must have doors, shelving, display racks, etc.


We accept doors if they are in good condition only. They must not have holes, cracks, rot, etc.


We accept electrical parts, wire, plugs, plates and the hardware associated with electrical wiring.


We accept fans if they are complete and in working condition only.

Flooring material

We do not accept shag carpet, but will accept carpeting if it does not have stains or worn areas. We will accept vinyl flooring, but no scraps, please. We will accept any amounts of tile.


We accept hardware for doors, cabinets, etc. Almost all types if it’s not rusty.


We accept all light fixtures in working condition. No ballasts with pcb’s.


 We will accept trim in smaller pieces, but not less than 4 feet long. Please, no rot or nails sticking out of lumber.

Mirror • Glass

Mirror and glass is accepted if certain conditions apply. Please call prior to donating these items.

Paint • Wallcoverings

We will take full containers of latex paint purchased from a paint store. No leftovers. We cannot take toxic, hazardous substances, (i.e. pesticides, powders, paint thinners, or other chemicals). Wallpaper is taken in full-unopened rolls.

Pipe • Pvc • Metal • Copper

We accept 4′ and over of any type of pipe, and all supplies and fittings.


We accept tubs, sinks and vanities if they are in good condition and clean. We accept commodes only if they are in working condition and are the low flush (1.6 gallon) type. They must be very clean. We will not take a dirty commode under any circumstance.


We accept all hand and power tools in working condition.

Windows • Screens

We accept double pane windows of all types if the glass is intact. Most windows will show use, even if they are newer. If they are casement type, we appreciate having the hardware and cranks.